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  1. What’s it like working at Medigo? We are a new, fast-paced, open, progressive, and collaborative healthcare technology company Benefits: - Compensation: Competitive monthly salary with overtime pay - Family: Paid maternity and paternity leave - Lifestyle: Casual dress code, remote work time - Progression: Professional development support for tools and courses Health: Paid sick days, health reimbursement system, and BPJS coverage Culture: 1. Be Agile: We work on our products through implementation of micro strategies, deep insights, and rapid iterations 2. Be Honest: Say it like it is - We encourage every managers and employees to answer every question with honest response 3. Be Social: We try to keep the work-life balance by having internal office events such as sports sessions, knowledge sharing sessions, birthday celebrations, and potluck gathering 4. Be Performance-obsessed: We love to create high-performance digital products, and we value people based more on performance, not just presence Responsibilities: 1. Work with developers and product managers to ideate software solutions Design client-side & server-side architecture 2. Develop front-end of apps based on UI mockups and prototypes 3. Create reusable front-end code 4. Build responsive features and apps 5. Develop and manage well-functioned databases 6. Design and develop effective APIs 7. Test the software to ensure responsiveness and efficiency 8. Write technical documentations (e.g. API docs, business processes, feature flows) 9. Troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade software 10. Create security and data protection settings 11. Work with UI designers to advise on platform capabilities and limitations 12. Work with data analysts to improve software Requirements: 1. Experienced as a full-stack developer or in similar role 2. Experienced in developing web apps from front-end to back-end 3. Experienced in API design and development 4. Familiarity with common development stacks 5. Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JS with familiarity of CSS preprocessors (e.g. Stylus and Sass) 6. Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Vue and React) 7. Knowledge of multiple back-end languages (e.g. PHP, Node.js, and Python) 8. Experience working with database tech (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL) 9. Familiarity with web servers and containerization (e.g. Apache, Nginx, Docker) 10. Excellent communication and teamwork skills 11. Good organizational skills 12. Great attention to details 13. Strong analytical mindset
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